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We will not share this information with anyone and will only use it to contact you regarding the progress in your Area.

Fiber Internet Process

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Fontel Installs the fiber in your neighbourhoods in partnership with the community. Show your interest and bring fiber Internet in your Area and get added to our database so that we can provide you with regular project updates and important information. Please encourage your neighbours to do the same. Once a certain degree of support has been shown in your neighbourhood, your Area will be prioritised for the rollout of Fontel Fiber Internet.

Area Qualification

Once enough residents have shown their interest in Fontel Fiber Internet, your Area will qualify for fiber construction.If you have shown interest in Fontel Fiber Internet though Interest form or whattaspp, you will receive a message letting you know that your Area has qualified

Fiber Rollout

Once your Area has qualified for Fontel Fiber Internet we will start to build the network.two method will be used, Arial deployment of Fiber cable or Underground deployment of cable. Both method will be discussed with the community.

Fiber Ready

Once we done with construction, we test the fiber to make sure the network is of highest standard,after this checks are done, your Area will be declared fiber-ready, and we can bring fiber into your home


Once your Area is fiber ready you can order an Installation into your home and experience the future of super fast internet.Fontel charges a once off Installation fee of R4000 which covers the labour, material cost of installing the fiber Internet into your home, first 50 houses in your Area will qualify for free installation. Your installation will be scheduled at a time convenient for you and one of our expert teams will come through to your home to provision the fiber from the street into your home. A standard installation takes between 1 to 3 hours.


Fontel fiber internet provide 24/7 support via our whatsapp number(076 685 6134), Support number(018 007 0760) and support email(

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